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We are a family owned and operated business that has been creating beautiful homes for over 30 years in the Tri-State area. We are all about bringing your ideas (big or small) to reality. Our home and family has always been extremely important to us and so we understand how important it is to you. With us you don't have to coordinate your architect, builder, kitchen designer, and then your interior designer. That's what we do and who we are. You will love how easy we make the process for you, as we help you make your house into a home. 

TJ Rasmus- Owner & Founder

TJ started out as an architectural designer in the early years. He started the construction part of the business when he couldn't find contractors who were able to understand and execute his designs.  He started designing re-creation style buildings; classic, neo-classical, traditional, whatever you want to call it.  From there the business grew to what it is today.


There are few builders that can do it as well as we can, and probably none that can do it as quickly as we can. What that means to you is; it will cost less for the detail you want, but thought you couldn't afford. Detail starts right from the beginning of the building process.  We know how to allow for it in the foundation and framing so it can be carried out properly.  We know how to do all phases of construction and know everything that's involved to get the detail and design you want.


We can also build any style of building you would like. We love the details, that's what makes it your home and that's what we are all about. Whether classic or contemporary. Barn style or ski chalet.  We can make it work with all the detail you want.... Or don't want.

Lori Rasmus- Interior Designer and Co-Owner

Lori started her design business after the birth of their oldest son Orion, in 1989. It was during the  renovation of  their 1800's Victorian  she discovered her passion for decorating and design. While shopping for herself  she didn't care for the way she was treated at snooty high end stores. After quitting her job as a nutritionist, she took classes to become a certified designer.

Lori's personal design philosophy is that you can be the best designer in the world, but if it's not right for the clients taste or it does not function properly in the home then she hasn't done her job properly. She wants to create beautiful as well as comfortable spaces that reflect her clients personality. 

Her love of textiles and furniture and how they  transform a home is evident in her collection of  pillows and bolts of fabric in their attic. Her trips to home furnishing markets makes her uniquely qualified to properly plan a whole house or just one room. It also explains the array of  furniture finds from estate sales and and antique stores and why she can't sell her hand made furniture that sits up in the families attic unused.

It's this diverse experience, her love of her home and entertaining that makes her uniquely qualified to help you create a home that reflects you and your personal taste.  Lori has worked in interior design firms, home  furnishing businesses and as a buyer in Massachusetts, New York and Vermont for the past 32 years. 

Orion Rasmus-Computer Expert

Orion, the oldest of the three Rasmus sons whose background  in computer science makes him uniquely qualified to handle their social media accounts, webpage and all things computer related. He didn't inherit his parents interest in home design but he did inherit a curiosity in all things related to technology.

Hutton Rasmus-

Hutton the middle of the three Rasmus boys has a  background  in finance and sales. Hutton came to the business after his work at Merrill Lynch in NYC left him feeling unsatisfied with the large corporate world. He felt he was just working to make rent and had no quality of life. Hutton started working in the family business while he was trying to figure out what his future held. He has been involved in all aspects of the business from marketing to general construction. His interest in real estate has him considering becoming a licensed agent to be able to sell the families flip houses. He is currently enrolled in law school and we will see what his future holds.

Quinn Rasmus- Carpenter

Quinn started out with a tool belt on his hips at around 2 years old. He followed TJ and Lori around and wanted to be in the middle of whatever project they were working on. That eventually turned into working his summers with his father in the family business, doing whatever he could to at the time. 

At 17 he walked down the stairs and said that he was not going to college. This came as a shock, since there had been many family collegiate visits up until that time. He was told then that he was expected to go to college and get a degree. He graduated from college with a degree in Human Development and was planning to get a Master's in Education and become an Elementary School Teacher. After graduation one day, he walked down the family stairs again and said he was going to work with his dad. He has been a carpenter in the family business for over 7 years now. Quinn loves what he does. He loved working on the family flip in a house next to the house he grew up in. 

Hamilton-Work Dog

Hamilton is Quinn's rescue dog . With his blue eyes and unlimited energy he loves going to work every day with his dad. He is an integral fixture of our team and he can't wait to meet you!

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